/in the meantime/

its been quiet around here for a few months but not without reason. the holidays hit us hard this year, between freezing temps (not welcomed by this southern girl), a few rounds of family sickness (thank the lord its over), and general december busyness. i have to admit, i breathed a sigh of relief when it was all over. next year i'll be more festive, i promise ;)

as of now, i'm taking the winter quietness and home-hibernating to really determine where i want the direction of my makeup artistry business and hobby of blogging to go in the future. i feel that they are linked, but not necessarily one in the same, so i'm late-night brainstorming and journaling my ideas...and i'm certain that the shape of it all will come together in the right time.

my boys are still so small and sweet and needy that i have to constantly remind myself to BE in the moment. dreaming is wonderful, and i know these dreams will come to fruition in time, but they need me more right now. they are, after all, a huge part of my dream.

in the meantime, feel free to follow me on instagram and twitter where you'll get  daily peek into our lives, a little bit beauty and a little bit-o-babies: @SaraBeehive


beehive behave

the power of the blue jean

beehive behave
a few weeks after my first baby, holding some homemade bread and jam (naturally). we were so domestically ambitious back then.

recently i had a conversation with a fellow mama about our post-baby bodies and the fashion woes that come along with an ever-changing figure. the shifting hips, the softening thighs, the growing-then shrinking-boobs, the belly...oh, the belly. if we tried to dress according to the current trend and the current state of our holy and glowing temples, we would need a second job at forever21!

don't get me wrong, i love LOVE the shopping and buying and wearing of cheap thrills. but even the steadiest of us gals might find ourselves wavering in the self-esteem department after giving birth. so, here's my thought...what if we give ourselves a lot of grace in the beginning, while we are learning the ropes of caring for our new little human, midnight bowls of ice cream and all. then, when the time is right, when we finally get that refreshing second wind of energy (mine came at about 3 months pp. it was like the wind shifted and i wanted to be outside and moving my body again.) we get some exercise, put on some red lipstick, and go buy a damn good pair of jeans.

why jeans? for me, they are the everyday uniform. utilitarian, a little tough, and when they fit just right, they makes me feel amazing. at this point in the game, we've earned the right to find a really good pair, one that might cost a bit more than the clearance rack at old navy. the pair i found at urban outfitters was around $75, the perfect medium-to-dark blue wash, hit at my true waist (and thus, held everything in a bit better), with just the right amount of stretch. totally worth it because i'll wear those bad boys almost everyday, but its also a signal to myself that i'm back, i'm still me, maybe just a little curvier. and i think that's pretty great. xo

baby bump photoshoot, part 2

as promised, here is part deux of my baby bump shoot with the awesome julie holmes photography. if you're in the new orleans/bay st. louis area, look this gal up! also, this post could've been titled, "it's hard to pose with icecream."

beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave

the color palette for this shoot was inspired partly by the silk western shirt that i'm wearing (i've had that thing for 10 years, i think!) and by revlon's 1953 lipstick 'fire and ice'. i love wearing a piece of makeup with some history!

beehive behave

and now i kind of want to do country music hair every day, ya know??


welcome little cedar!

september 30th started out as a pretty typical monday morning. i'd called in to see my doctor a few days prior to my weekly visit, thinking that i might have a bladder infection, or something else quite annoying and run-of-the-mill. so when he checked me and stated matter of fact that i was already dilated to 4cm and effaced 70% and oh, by the way, did i want to have my baby that day? i was a little shocked but mostly just pumped- let's get this show started! in a matter of minutes i was already contracting regularly and yes indeed, labor was upon me.

we checked into the hospital around 6:30pm and by 11:45 that night, cedar grant was making his entrance!

he is healthy, beautiful, and perfect and we are so grateful to be his mama and dada :)

beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave

and somehow i'm now a mother of 2?! pray for me ;)

baby bump photoshoot, part 1

if you follow me on instagram (@Sarabeehive) then you're in the know about 2 very big happenings around here... 1. we are finally residing in our new house! and 2. we brought our fresh new baby boy home!!!

i will expound on these -and other related topics- soon, but for now i wanted to share some of my favorite photos from our maternity/baby bump photo shoot. my dear friend and talented photographer julie holmes took these for us. i'm so grateful to have the family shot towards the bottom of the post...it makes me all hormonal-weepy! thanks again, julie!

beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave beehive behave

check back for part 2 of the shoot where we get a little...small town on ya!

august instalife

to say that this month has been busy would be an understatement...more like a hold-on-to-your-hats going full-steam ahead kind of wild ride of a month! we are working every minute of every day on our house, getting it to a livable state so that we can move in. it certainly won't be DONE-done once we do make the official switch over from (temporary) apartment to (thank the lord! permanent home)...but it will be a wonderful relief to finally be home. i will share more when i have the time to process everything, until then- here are a few of my favorite moments from this month through the filter of instagram.

beehive behave
judah helps dad work on the house
beehive behave
beehive behave
8 months pregnant and lunch with my little brother, john! 
beehive behave
requisite visit to ikea
beehive behave
1 1/2 years old with a yogurt beard
beehive behave
i love these women and their sweet babies! 
beehive behave
celebrating 2 years of marriage! 

Easy 2 min. look for blue eyed babes!

Seriously, its so quick and easy- 3 steps and a bonus round.

beehive behave
1. Elf makes these fab baked eyeshadows that go for $3 at Target...I mean, why not pick them up?? With a smaller eyeshadow brush, gently pat Toasted on the inner 1/3 part of your lid, coming up above the crease, but not all the way to the brow.

2. With the same brush, pat Bark on the outer 2/3 part of your lid, coming up above the crease a bit. Now, take a clean brush (or clean off the one you're using) and blend the two colors together. You can take Bark below your bottom lashes, if you like that effect (I did in this photo.)

3. Lastly, finish with lots of mascara on top and a teeny bit on the bottom. Presto! Those blue eyes are shining!

beehive behave

beehive behave

Bonus round: I did the same look the next day, only this time I filled in my brows with a little powder and then lined my top and bottom lashline with Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes in 0L (matte black.)

I love a simple, fast, and affordable way to elevate your everyday makeup routine, and this one was a breeze. Let me know if you've tried these shadows and what your thoughts are on them!

Stay tuned for quick looks for brown and green eyes soon :)

*As always, no gratis was given for this look. All opinions are entirely my very own.